Photoshop tutorial 15 August photo editing | Independence day photo manipulation

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15 august photo editing

Photoshop tutorial 15 August photo editing | Independence day 

15 August Special : Welcome back to another awesome tutorial of 15 August 2018. I loved this concept of editing. We feel more energetic when we see our national flag.  Before we start editing I want to say something about our Independence Day. Every year we celebrate Independence Day on 15 august. This is our 72nd Independence Day. We got independence 72 years ago. For this

Independence our ancestor fight 200 years with English people. A lot of people have been sacrificed for this Independence. Then we got Freedom somewhere. On 15th August 1947 the British left India and went to their country of England. We celebrate August 15 as Independence Day every year.

Friends if you want to edit photo like this, then first click a photo like this pose or like you want. Then open it in picsart . I didn’t show photo cropping in my video tutorial. If want to know how to crop photo in picsart, you watch my old tutorial. After this you follow me step by step through video. If you not see our video yet watch it, link is below.

I have given the link below for all 15 August related  backgrounds which i have used. You can download it all. If you have any questions related to editing in your mind, then you can ask me by commenting below or direct massage to me on my Facebook or on my Instagram page. You will find links in the sidebar.

Related photo credit goes these site

Click on the background to download it. Friends, if you are editing any photo with a perfection, then you will feel more at some time, but when you look at the result, then you will understand  that whatever time you have given it is not useless. So give your editing a little more time and you will see that you are doing a very good editing.

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